Dues & Expenses

Member monthly dues pay for professional coaching, race entry fees, and boathouse costs as well as boat insurance, rental and equipment. Each member is responsible for purchasing their own uniform, meals and accommodations while traveling, and airfare to designated regattas (participation optional). Below is a list of our rowing programs, dates and associated dues. For more information about our programs, visit the Schedule page.

Use the links to the right in the tables below to setup payments via TeamSnap.  Dues assistance is available for the Novice, Club or Competitive programs. To learn more or to sign up for assistance, visit the CRU Rower Assistance page. All CRU programs are adult, sweep rowing programs, for men and women ages 18 and up.

Membership Fee

Annual Membership Fee Required for all Club, Competitive, and Returning Novice members. Does not apply to Learn To Row participants or the Collegiate Summer Membership. $50
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2017 Schedule of Programs

Note: program registration links may first take you to the required annual membership registration.  After paying your annual membership fee, look for a link to your program registration in the "What's Next" section on the page.

Practice Dates & Times
Winter Indoor Training Tuesdays & Thursdays
plus 1 session per week with Iron & Oar
January 10 - March 23
Choose from 2 options:
1. With Iron & Oar - $195 total (3 monthly installments of $65), or
2. Without Iron & Oar - $105 total (3 monthly installments of $35)


Returning Novice Mondays (men)
Tuesdays (women) &
Thursdays (all)
April 17 - June 1
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$70 / month
Recreational Tuesdays & Thursdays
April 17 - October 26
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$70 / month
Competitive Tuesdays & Thursdays 5-7am &
Saturdays 9-11am
April 17 - October 26
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$100 / month
Novice Mondays & Wednesdays,
June 5 - October 26
$70 / month
Collegiate Summer Membership Competitive or Recreational program.
3 months (June - August)
Recreational $70 / month
Competitive $100 / month
(Annual Membership Fee is waived)
Fall Indoor Training Tuesdays
7:00 - 8:30 pm, and
One class per week with Iron & Oar
November  - December (dates TBD)
$110 (2 monthly installments of $55)


Refund Policy

The $50 membership fee is non-refundable.  Monthly dues must be paid prior to the first day of practice for that month.  If a rower chooses to terminate their membership they may discontinue payment of monthly dues, however, partial monthly refunds will not be issued.


Travel Information

CRU participates in several races throughout the year, mostly taking place from June through October.  Most races happen on weekends. For local (Midwest) races we usually leave late afternoon on Friday or Saturday and return the following day. For races that are farther away we usually fly out early on Friday and return depending on your schedule. CRU covers regatta registration and boat fees. Airfare (when applicable), hotels, and meals are not covered.