CRU Rowing Membership

This program is open to every athlete after successful completion of a Learn to Row class with CRU or another club or by having previous rowing experience, i.e. a former high school or college rower; or already having masters rowing experience.

CRU welcomes those who have mastered beginning rowing skills and are looking for a more challenging environment while learning what it will be like to be part of a competitive rowing club. Technical improvements will be stressed and the workouts will become more challenging. Safety is always our number one priority and with that in mind, practice, and eventually regatta, lineups will be created by matching athletes as much as possible in skill, size, and gender, as well as honoring the goals of the rowers.


CRU Competition Prep program

The Competition Prep program is committed to a focused training with an eye toward competing at regattas throughout the spring, summer, and fall. The Competition Prep program differs from the CRU Rowing Membership program primarily with a third practice offered each week on Saturday mornings. The expectations for training and team commitment are higher and involve additional land workouts, erg tests, and seat races as prescribed by the coach. A positive competitive attitude and flexibility in terms of boatings, coxing, and land work is expected from all Competition Prep program rowers.

The Competition Prep program is committed to building fitness, skill and preparing for competition. Workouts will be more challenging than the Rowing Membership program. Training is designed to peak before competitions. Technical ability, fitness level, and mental readiness to race must be a focus. The Competition program requires the highest level of commitment (to self, to teammates, to coach, to the club). Competition program members should attempt to attend all three weekly scheduled practices. There is not an attendance requirement, but your teammates are dependent on your commitment to working hard and improving and the only way to do that is to practice consistently.


Coxswain Training

We are always looking for coxswains and offer free training. No experience necessary. Coxswains are so valuable to rowing clubs that your membership dues will be waived in appreciation.

Please reach out to cruprograms@chicagorowingunion for more information.